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About Arts +

Arts + is a six-week summer experience for graduate and undergraduate students grounded in the arts. An initiative of Duke Arts, Arts + sheds light on the behind-the-scenes work of arts administration, and the creative work required to build an artistic product. Teams work in small groups of graduate and undergraduate students, guided by a project lead from the Duke Arts office, or a community arts organization. Other participation benefits may include professional practice education, hands-on skills building workshops and team building activities. Outcomes of Arts + may include season launches, series curation or preparing creative projects for next stages.

Arts + takes place during Summer Session 1. Students will receive a stipend of $3,000 for their participation OR room and board in on-campus housing.

Applications for Arts + Summer 2024 are open! We’ll continue to accept applications on a rolling basis through Monday, March 18. Apply here.


Students can select from 3 Arts + projects:

Duke Arts Admin Team

May 15 – June 27 2024

What happens during the summer at Duke Arts? Members of this Arts + team will gain an inside look at preparing a season launch and ticket on-sale while working alongside the Marketing and Communications team. Students will also provide support to programming, Production and Engagement teams as they work with community partners Music Maker Foundation and Country Soul Song book. This work will include providing support for the Music in the Gardens series taking place over the month of June and preparing for the American Tobacco Series taking place over the month of September.

Project Leads:

Director of Programming Aaron Shackelford Ph.D.
Director of Marketing and Communications Frances Howorth
Production Manager Paul Kartcheske
Manager of Campus and Community Initiatives Brian Valentyn Ph.D.


3-5 Students


Duke Arts Offices (2010 & 2101 Campus Drive)

Duke Arts Fellows

May 15 – June 27 2024

Duke Arts Fellows is an initiative tasked with solving the problems facing our community through art. This Arts + project team will design the scope, institute the framework, and gather the community partners necessary to launch Duke Arts Fellows in Fall 2024. Once implemented, the new program will pair students and a teacher from Durham Public Schools and students and a professor from Duke University for the duration of an academic year, developing showcases and other programming that elevates the work of public-school students throughout the district.

Project Lead:

Vice Provost for the Arts, John V. Brown Jr. J.D.


2 Students


Duke Arts Office (2010 Campus Drive)

For the Bible Tells Me So + For They Know Not What They Do Verbatim Play Workshop

May 15 – June 27 2024

Combining forces, Daniel G. Karslake, filmmaker of acclaimed documentaries For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) and For They Know Not What They Do (2019), and Javier De Frutos have written the script of a verbatim play for 12 actors combining characters from both documentaries. Students in this special project group will support the momentum of this play administratively and read and act in roles that engage with the intersection of religion, sexuality, and gender identity. The core group of 3-4 students will be joined for a 2-week period by other actors from local universities, Durham Public Schools, and community theaters to make up the full cast of 12 to workshop the script and perform a reading for an intimate community audience. Students in this project group will know they have played an important part in the life of this work of art as it continues to the next step in its progression.

Project Leads:

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Daniel G. Karlsake and
Acclaimed Latinx director, choreographer and designer Javier De Frutos


3-4 Students


On-campus or community theater TBD



Who can apply?

Arts + is open to all Duke graduate and undergraduate students (except graduating seniors), including DKU students and Robertson Scholars. Students must be able to work in-person for the duration of the program and should be able to make a full-time commitment for the six weeks.