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Coming Soon: The Duke Arts Center

Artist rendering of the future Duke Arts Center

Construction is under­way on a 71,000-square-foot Arts Center a­cross from the Nasher Museum. Slated to open in the fall of 2017, it will be the vital hub of Duke's bur­geon­ing arts cul­ture, a place for art­ists of all kinds to create and collaborate.

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Artist rendering of the future Duke Arts Center
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    How can the arts fully participate in the incredible intellectual energy of a university?

    At Duke, the arts are full-fledged participants in all areas of academic inquiry.

    Faculty in Dance co-teach courses with faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering; faculty in Art, Art History & Visual Studies hold joint appointments in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. Faculty in Music collaborate with colleagues in Neuroscience and Electrical Engineering. Art Historians are collaborating with faculty in Computer Science.

    These collaborations are a consequence of Duke’s well-established culture of interdisciplinary inquiry.

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    Visiting Artists

    Visiting artist residencies bring Duke students into contact with world-class artists both inside and outside the classroom.

    Visiting artist residencies bring Duke students into contact with world-class artists through classroom visits, master classes, performances, exhibits, and social events. And our visiting artists in residence are also hosted by departments not typically associated with the arts.

    A computer science major may play piano for Simone Dinnerstein in a master class, or dance students majoring in engineering, economics, or public policy will take classes with the members of Shen Wei Dance Arts.

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    Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    We train student artists to think expansively and realistically about the arts.

    Through the arts track of the I&E certificate at Duke we are showing that we take our arts students seriously by giving them the tools to think both expansively and realistically about the arts.

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    Students, Faculty, Alumni, and citizens of Durham are a vibrant artistic community.

    Students follow their own passions and create their own opportunities, individually or as part of the many student-run groups.

    Faculty includes renowned artists and scholars who, through both their work and their teaching, challenge and inspire their students.

    Alumni carry their Duke experience into diverse artistic endeavors and industries.

    The city of Durham is in the midst of an artistic and entrepreneurial renaissance. The presenters are the key link between campus and community.

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  • Students spray painting an I-beam

    Students prepare the "Art Beam" to be mounted in the new Duke Arts Center. It will be a visible marker of the student-centered collaboration and artistic expression that will take place there. The facility will open in the fall of 2017. Read More...

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