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Sacred Music & the Arts

Recognizing the creative arts as both an expression of the worship of God and an expression of human longing for God, the Chapel cultivates a robust music program that seeks to give glory to God and to stir the hearts and minds of all those it reaches; it also nurtures expressions of faith through dance, the visual arts, and other artistic modes.

Working from a variety of sacred music traditions, Chapel Music comprises three choirs, seven staff members, two organ scholars, four organs, and a 50-bell carillon, in addition to partnerships with many professional musicians, student music groups, and guest choirs.

The Chapel also creates a space on campus for expression of the spiritual life by crafting student and community-based programming for ethnically, culturally, and religiously diverse aesthetic offerings.

Three masks made of papier mache line a while and present various aspects of prison life.
The aisle of the Duke Chapel framed by a gospel choir raising their hands to the ceiling.

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