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About the Program

Installation of film projectors

Cinematic Arts (formerly Arts of the Moving Image) provides centralized coordination among the various Duke University departments and programs that provide classes, activities, and opportunities for students interested in film studies and moving image practice.

Today, the creation and interpretation of moving images has become central to the ways we experience and understand the world. The moving image now exists, alongside writing and the production of still images, as one of the primary means of communicating ideas and exploring the entire range of human activities. There is nothing that it does not touch!

Cinematic Arts’ undergraduate degree offerings include a concentration for majors in Visual & Media Studies Visual & Media Studies, a minor through Visual & Media Studies, and a concentration for majors in Global Cultural Studies.

Students in Cinematic Arts also have the opportunity to gain professional experience in related industries through internships and the Duke in Los Angeles and Duke in New York Programs, while the Duke Entertainment Media Arts Network connects students with careers and alumni in the field.

Professor Josh Gibson leading a film class