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The Forum for Scholars and Publics (FSP) at Duke University is a hub for intellectual exchange, bringing knowledge-seekers into dialogue with local, national, and global knowledge-makers, including artists, performers, writers, activists, journalists, and scholars.

FSP advocates for the role of knowledge in society by organizing and hosting public events and programs, curating dynamic digital spaces for sharing research and commentary, and supporting academic research and community participation. FSP also funds and hosts short-term residency programs for visual and performing artists, journalists, filmmakers, scholars, organizers, entrepreneurs, and others whose contributions enrich classroom instruction.

Faculty-led courses and public events hosted by FSP allow students, faculty, and guests to practice and critique various forms of public scholarship, learn about others who are doing parallel work, and develop innovative ways for communication and exchange.

The FSP space in 011 Old Chem on Duke’s West Campus quad includes programming and meeting space and a fully equipped audiovisual lab, although FSP faculty and staff frequently host events off campus in collaboration with community partners.

Painted images by Edouard Duval-Carrie related to Aponte