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Q&A with Outgoing Duke Arts Administrative Fellow Marika Niko

We recently spoke with Marika Niko, our outgoing Duke Arts Administrative Fellow for the 2023-24 academic year, who shared about their experience in the year-long role. Marika has been invaluable to the Duke Arts team and will be missed! If you’re interested in this opportunity, applications are now open for the 2024-25 Duke Arts Administrative Fellowship.

MFA in Dance Class of 2024

This year, join us in celebrating Julia Piper who will graduate with Duke’s one-of-a-kind graduate degree in dance! The Duke M.F.A. in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis (MFAEIP) supports artists whose creative research connects movement-based knowledge to critical discourses within and beyond the arts.

Announcing Duke Arts Studio

Duke Arts Studio, formerly StudioDuke, the creative and professional support for undergraduate student projects in the fields of arts, entertainment and media is now accepting applications for 2023-24 projects through Friday, October 6, 2023.

Announcing the 2023 Benenson Award Winners

Congratulations to the seventeen students who received a 2023 Benenson Award in the Arts. This year's group of awardees submitted a wide range of projects to be explored this summer – including printmaking, film, visual arts, music, dance and creative writing.

MFA in Dance Class of 2023

Join us in celebrating the third cohort to earn Duke’s one-of-a-kind terminal graduate degree in dance practice! The Duke M.F.A. in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis (MFAEIP) supports artists whose creative research connects movement-based knowledge to critical discourses within and beyond the arts.

MFA in Dance Class of 2022

Join us in celebrating the second graduating cohort of Duke’s MFA in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis (MFA/EIP). The MFA/EIP is a one-of-a-kind terminal degree program in dance focused on how artists work today and how dance contributes to crucial issues and conversations across arts and non-arts discourses.

StudioDuke 2021–22: In Their Own Words

This year’s StudioDuke students and mentors share favorite memories, valuable takeaways, and helpful advice from their experiences. StudioDuke is a program of Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship in collaboration with DEMAN and Duke Arts. This signature program provides students the opportunity to take their advanced, on-going creative projects to the next level.

Artists as Researchers: Brittany J. Green Is Disrupting Classical Composition

For this installment of our “Artists as Researchers” series, we profile Brittany J. Green, a Ph.D. student in music composition and the current director of the Duke New Music Ensemble. She worked with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to record her latest orchestral work, “Against/Sharp,” which explores the relationship between music and Black feminist theory; it will premiere online in January 2022.

Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and the Arts

Morgan Biele '23 shares a piece she wrote for Duke Medical Ethics Journal, an undergraduate-led publication that features students' voices in blogs and articles that center ethics in dialogue with medicine. “I’m extremely passionate about how art depicts health and well-being, and in turn how health and well-being inform art,” Biele shares.

Organizing Against Climate Change Through Sustainable Art

This summer, Lizzy Kramer '22 worked with Durham-born artist John Felix Arnold III on one of his recent installations, “Reimagining Cerberus,” which calls attention to the human impact on climate change. We invited Kramer to share her reflections on the experience, including her belief in the ability of art to pose questions and challenge perceptions.

MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts Class of 2021

We showcase the work of this year’s graduating cohort in the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts program in this special series of interviews. Fellow artists, MFA EDA alumni, faculty, and mentors interviewed each graduating student about their thesis exhibitions, which are on view at Duke, in Durham, and online May 7 through June 5.

Jayne Yu Wang MFA EDA ‘21: “The Unfinished Utopia”

Jayne Yu Wang's “The Unfinished Utopia” is an installation of a fictional city, Fangchuan, at the border of China, Russia, and North Korea. Following a foreign flaneur’s diary, viewers will have the opportunity to explore the city through audio, photography, architectural design, Instagram posts, and ordinary objects in this city.

Announcing the 2021 Graywill and Hal Kammerer Arts Awards Winners

Duke University Union has honored three Duke seniors with awards for their contributions to the arts: Omolola Sanusi, who received the Hal Kammerer Memorial Prize for Film and Video Production; and María Zurita Ontiveros and Cameron Oglesby, who both received the Graywill Award for Arts Leadership & Service.

Spectral Seas: Tackling Climate Change Through Storytelling

A Bass Connections team has created an art installation on view in the lobby of the Rubenstein Arts Center. “This project is emblematic of the integrative and synthetic thinking that society needs to tackle the wicked challenges of climate change and sea level,” says Betsy Albright, assistant professor at the Nicholas School.

MFA in Dance Class of 2021

We celebrate the inaugural cohort of Duke’s MFA in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis, a program dedicated to embodied knowledge and practice-led movement discourses.

A Painted Tribute for Raj Mehta

On March 27, a group of Duke students painted a portrait of their friend, Raj Mehta, a member of the Class of 2022 who passed away in 2020, on the Campus Drive free expression tunnel. We share a statement from Shivam Patel ’22, Raj’s former roommate, about this painted tribute.

In Its Fifth Year, the Enviro-Art Gallery Goes Global (and Virtual)

The Enviro-Art Gallery is an annual showcase of artwork that aims to bring awareness to environmental issues through visual media. Featuring a monthlong virtual gallery of over 600 works and 15 speaker sessions from April 5 to 10, students Cameron Oglesby and Isabel Wood share how this year's showcase has expanded in spite of the pandemic.

Behind-the-Scenes of the Hayti Heritage Center

Multy Oliver ‘21 began interning with the Hayti Heritage Center last summer and loved the experience so much she continues to support programs remotely. In honor of the upcoming Hayti Heritage Film Festival, we invited Oliver to share her experience with one of Durham's leading arts non profit organizations.

Gianluca Corinaldesi: Art in Our COVID Life

Gianluca Corinaldesi started his position at Duke just three weeks before COVID stay at home orders. Learning to play the piano with his sons has brought joy to the Corinaldesi family home. "[It] puts me in a good mood like few other things," he reflects.

Sofia Zymnis ’21: Virtual Balconies

Sofia Zymnis '21 shares a project started as a pseudo-autobiographical documentation of her own experience during lockdown that has now developed into a constantly-growing website, inviting people to share their own balcony community in order to grow a shared virtual one.

New Duke Podcast: Bridging the Gap

"Bridging the Gap" aims to speak with Duke’s diverse student body and discuss their experiences navigating identity, discrimination, tokenism, and more at a predominantly white institution. Duke students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to submit their stories.

Join Duke Devilish Keys this Fall!

Are you a Duke student interested in performing piano around campus, rearranging contemporary music for keyboard, or connecting with other musicians from around the world? If so, Duke’s premiere a cappella-style piano group wants you!

Welcome to the Class of 2024

"I'm excited to see what we'll create together. I'm excited to join you in rising to the challenges that we face and moving through them together."—John V. Brown, JD, Vice Provost for the Arts

Small Town Records: Keeping the Music Going During COVID-19

Three leaders of Duke's student-run record label, Small Town Records, learned how to innovate, adapt to digital platforms, and create new music opportunities during a pandemic summer. “I can assure you that we will have STR running in some capacity, helping to shape the culture at Duke, for as long as we can," says Ryan Briggs,'21.

Duke Small Town Records: Summer Series

Introducing a new series by Duke Small Town Records: Breaking Down Gatekeeping in the Music Industry. Join the STR team weekly on Mondays, 6pm, EDT for break room sessions on the music industry, producing, songwriting, and more.

Blythe Davis ’20: “I’ve Found New Choreographies”

Blythe Davis '20 graduated with a minor in dance this spring. As part of finishing her studies, she was asked to submit a photo of how she was navigating remote learning, classes, projects, and making the most of a chaotic situation. This photo was paired with a brief reflection on her experiences since the transition to social distancing.

Sophia Li ’21: “There is Art All Around Us”

Sophia Li shares her final photography project, "Food for Trash"—created for the course Ways of Seeing: Storytelling through Photography with Professor Charlotte de la Fuente Nørregaard (DIS Copenhagen)—which meditates on the meaning of food scraps during the coronavirus crisis.

James Budinich: Artistic Collaboration Across Distance

James Budinich, a PhD candidate in Music Composition, is giving a talk with his artistic collaborator, Gabrielle Lamb, on creating work together, from a distance. James reflects on the strategies that helped them produce Plexus: a work in knots, "strategies that can benefit all artists in our post-COVID reality."

Ashleigh Smith ’20: “Creating is Healing”

Ashleigh Smith, Nasher intern and Duke Class of 2020, was excited to organize a small exhibition at the Nasher Museum this spring. When the museum temporarily closed, she converted the installation to a multimedia online project, which includes a Spotify playlist and podcast episode. An extension of her senior thesis, the project is the product of two years of research.

Ryan Helsel: “We Need Art to Process the World in Which We Live”

Nasher Museum Educator Ryan Helsel reacted to the global pandemic by creating online art projects for teachers and families stuck at home. “We need art to process the world in which we live,” Helsel said. “That will never go away. I see more awareness and appreciation of this need in the broader public already, which makes me hopeful for an increased awareness of the value of all sorts of arts and artists in the future.”

Oliver Greenwald ’23: Digital Portraits

Oliver Greenwald is a first year studying Computer Science and Visual Arts while pursuing a minor in Psychology and an Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate. He shares his digital artwork as part of our "Art and Artists are Essential" collection and invitation.

Robin Yeh ’20: Capstone Oil Paintings

Robin Yeh is a senior visual arts major who has completed an independent study and capstone project with Beverly McIver. She shares her artwork as part of our "Art and Artists are Essential" collection and invitation.

People of Duke Arts: Imani Mosley

A fresh-minded PhD in musicology from Duke, Mosley is a bassoonist and pioneer among the new generation of scholars who have made social media an intrinsic part of their academic sphere.

Duke’s Creative Lab for Arts Entrepeneurship

Having a strong mentor is a key part of personal and professional development—no matter your field. StudioDuke forges mentorships through one-on-one connections with professionals who have attained distinction in their creative fields.

People of Duke Arts: Julie Williams

In this interview with singer-songwriter Julie Williams (Trinity ’19), we learn how this Florida-raised public policy student grew from singing national anthems at the ballpark to embarking on a music gap year in Nashville after graduation.

Making Music Matter

A Bass Connections team, "Music for Social Change," seeks to serve music education activists where they live. Duke sophomore Dayna Price channeled her experience playing flute into developing research tools for El Sistema USA—and fed her interest in clinical psychology in the process.

Me Too Monologues Celebrates 10 Years of Storytelling at Duke

We look back at 10 years of the Me Too Monologues at Duke. "It is a communal experience and I think that’s the core of what it means,” says Anne Delmedico, this year's producer. "No matter what challenges you’re facing—whether you relate to the challenges on the stage or not—you are not alone."

In The Heights: A Musical Celebration of Community and Latinx Diversity

“This show is such a beautiful showcase of a culture that is often misrepresented,” says Maria Zurita-Ontiveros, a Duke Sophomore and Director of Hoof ‘n’ Horn’s Spring 2019 production of In The Heights. Duke Arts sits down with Maria and lead cast member, Gustavo Andrade, to learn more about how this special show celebrates Latinx diversity and empowers individuals to proudly represent the communities they call home.

Meet Duke’s New Chinese Music Ensemble

A new music department ensemble opens the vast world of Chinese music to the Duke community. “We mix both Western and Eastern music together,” explains Elizabeth Zhang (Class of 2022). Discover the story behind the music before their performance on Sun, Mar 31.

Q & A with Detavio Samuels (T’02) and Amanda Lewellyn (T’17)

Students sat down with alumni Detavio Samuels (T'02, Urban One Media) and Amanda Lewellyn (T'17, theSkimm) at a recent DEMAN & Donuts. "I would say continually challenge yourself and problem solve your way to making your dreams and ideas a reality," shared Lewellyn. Read on for more creative career insights.