Stanley Sun JD ’22: “I Decided to Get Back Into Hobbies”

Part of our “Art and Artists are Essential” collection and invitation.

“When it dawned on me that quarantine was going to last much longer than I had initially anticipated, I decided to get back into hobbies that I hadn’t touched in years. One of them was painting, which I had not done since high school. This is the first piece I did, which was a way to deal with the sadness I felt being in the same city as many of my friends yet not being able to see any of them.

Stay strong. Everyone is facing a different set of struggles during this time. You may see a lot of people out and about depending on where you live. If you want to see your friends, be smart about it.” — Stanley Sun JD ’22

This acrylic painting depicting social distancing was created by Stanley Sun in collaboration with his sister, Hailey Sun.