Welcome to the Class of 2024

John Brown, Duke’s New Vice Provost for the Arts, gives a special welcome to the Class of 2024!

Campus will look different this fall, but Duke’s arts community continues to inspire, challenge, and bring us together. “I want to let others know that it is okay to feel, it is okay to create, and it is okay to share your expression,” wrote Brown in April. The Vice Provost for the Arts now shares a message of welcome and encouragement to incoming students.

Special thanks to the Nasher Museum of Art, Pitchforks and Out of the Blue (Duke student a cappella groups), and Todd Bashore ’94 for contributing video of art created during the pandemic. Creative and post-production support by Aravind Ragupathi Media and The Chronicle’s Pitch Story Lab. Music: “Birk’s Works” (Dizzy Gillespie) by Nnenna Freelon on her GRAMMY-nominated album “Shaking Free” (Concord, 1996), with John Brown on bass.