Announcing the 2021 Graywill and Hal Kammerer Arts Awards Winners

Every year, DUU endows two awards to acknowledge the contribution of Duke students to the arts. We are excited to announce this year’s recipients.

The Hal Kammerer Memorial Prize for Film and Video Production goes to either a Duke undergraduate or graduate student to recognize outstanding accomplishment in memory of Trinity College Class of ’71 student and filmmaker, Hal Kammerer. The Graywill Award for Arts Leadership & Service goes to one or two graduating seniors that have demonstrated accomplishments in the arts and arts leadership to the Duke arts community broadly.

2021 Hal Kammerer Memorial Prize Winner

Omolola Sanusi

Class of 2021

Major: Global Cultural Studies (Film & Media concentration)

2021 The Graywill Award Winners

María Zurita Ontiveros


Majors: Theater Studies; History

Minor: German

Cameron Oglesby

Class of 2021

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Minor: Earth and Ocean Science

Certificate: Policy, Journalism & Media Studies