Duke Arts Weekends

Duke Arts Weekends is an initiative dedicated to bringing students and faculty together for immersive weekends filled with performances, exhibits and deep dives into the art world.

Duke Arts Weekends are arts-immersive weekends that allow students to experience the cultural life of a major city. Each Duke Arts Weekend is led by one or more Duke faculty member who plans the itinerary and leads discussions about the weekends’ experiences. Weekends feature museum visits, live performances and opportunities to meet with alumni in the arts, arranged through DEMAN.

Past Duke Arts Weekends include:

Atlanta, GA in December 2022, led by John V. Brown (focus: performing arts)
Washington, D.C. in April 2023, led by Bill Fick (focus: visual arts)
New York, NY in November 2023, led by Marcia Rego (FOCUS program: Thinking through Music and the Arts)*
Atlanta, GA in November 2023 led by Andrea Woods-Valdez and Kristi Vincent Johnson of NCCU* (focus: dance)
Chicago, IL in January 2024 led by Torry Bend (focus: puppetry)

*The November 2023 Duke Arts Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia was in partnership with North Carolina Central University and included dance students and faculty from NCCU and Duke

The Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts is seeking opportunities to expand this program to make it accessible to more students. This page will be updated as the program continues to develop.