Christine Doeg ’87: One Vote

Part of our “Art and Artists are Essential” collection and invitation.

“A documentary filmed in five locations on a single day, One Vote captures the compelling stories of diverse Americans on Election Day 2016.

The stories in the film highlight a range of issues affecting voters, including felon voting rights and voter ID requirements, while celebrating the commitment of those who work tirelessly to assist their fellow citizens, without regard to party or politics. Collectively, they serve to reset our understanding of voting as an energetic act of faith in ourselves and hope for the future.

At this moment of unprecedented upheaval, One Vote surprises, educates and entertains, as it reminds us of the kindness of our fellow citizens and the power and dignity of our exercise of democracy.

The film’s producers brought One Vote to over 60 college and university campuses in the Fall of 2018, in conjunction with voter education and registration initiatives. The reaction of these audiences inspired us to make the film widely available this year, in advance of the 2020 election.” — Christine Doeg, Executive Producer, One Vote, Trinity Alum ’87


Watch the trailer for One Vote above with the full documentary available on multiple streaming platforms.