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Gianluca Corinaldesi: Art in Our COVID Life

Gianluca Corinaldesi started his position at Duke just three weeks before COVID stay at home orders. Learning to play the piano with his sons has brought joy to the Corinaldesi family home. "[It] puts me in a good mood like few other things," he reflects.

Sofia Zymnis ’21: Virtual Balconies

Sofia Zymnis '21 shares a project started as a pseudo-autobiographical documentation of her own experience during lockdown that has now developed into a constantly-growing website, inviting people to share their own balcony community in order to grow a shared virtual one.

Welcome to the Class of 2024

"I'm excited to see what we'll create together. I'm excited to join you in rising to the challenges that we face and moving through them together."—John V. Brown, JD, Vice Provost for the Arts

Blythe Davis ’20: “I’ve Found New Choreographies”

Blythe Davis '20 graduated with a minor in dance this spring. As part of finishing her studies, she was asked to submit a photo of how she was navigating remote learning, classes, projects, and making the most of a chaotic situation. This photo was paired with a brief reflection on her experiences since the transition to social distancing.

Barbara Dickinson: “Why Dance?”

"Dance reminds you and teaches you the infinite nuances of life.  Excitement and joy in life is not limited to the big bangs, the major earthquakes; it is also the light brush of grief or the gentle awareness of beauty.  Dance can teach, or reteach, us what that means," says Barbara Dickinson, Emerita Dance Faculty.

How Do You Teach Art & Collaborate Remotely?

Duke faculty teaching visual arts, music, and theater share how they navigated the move to online teaching. It wasn’t easy. Supplies were mailed, collaborative projects were reinvented. Transformations and solutions discovered this spring have expanded the teaching repertoire—even as we look forward to safely returning to studio and stage.

James Budinich: Artistic Collaboration Across Distance

James Budinich, a PhD candidate in Music Composition, is giving a talk with his artistic collaborator, Gabrielle Lamb, on creating work together, from a distance. James reflects on the strategies that helped them produce Plexus: a work in knots, "strategies that can benefit all artists in our post-COVID reality."

Ashleigh Smith ’20: “Creating is Healing”

Ashleigh Smith, Nasher intern and Duke Class of 2020, was excited to organize a small exhibition at the Nasher Museum this spring. When the museum temporarily closed, she converted the installation to a multimedia online project, which includes a Spotify playlist and podcast episode. An extension of her senior thesis, the project is the product of two years of research.

Dario Robleto: Art is “Compassion, Altruism, and Empathy”

“The radical nature of art, at least the truth of it that I have come to embrace, is its capacity for care, empathy, reciprocity, invitation and correspondence with others.”—Dario Robleto, artist based in Houston and member of the Nasher Museum’s Board of Advisors. The global pandemic reminds Robleto of his early years as an artist, when social distancing, seclusion and self-reflection came naturally to him.

Ryan Helsel: “We Need Art to Process the World in Which We Live”

Nasher Museum Educator Ryan Helsel reacted to the global pandemic by creating online art projects for teachers and families stuck at home. “We need art to process the world in which we live,” Helsel said. “That will never go away. I see more awareness and appreciation of this need in the broader public already, which makes me hopeful for an increased awareness of the value of all sorts of arts and artists in the future.”

John Brown: “The Human Need for Art”

John Brown, director of the Duke University Jazz Program, says: "Remember that art and artists will still be there for us on the other side when we reach that light. Artists need us just as much as we need them."