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More Mindfulness Workshops

DukeCreate, a workshops series for the Duke community, is collaborating with Student Wellness to offer more opportunities to support well-being through creativity.

Blurring the Lines: Collective Resonance During COVID-19

Courtney Liu '13, MFA in Dance '21, shares "Blurring the Lines" created with undergraduate students in Intermediate Ballet. "Creative projects are still being made and it is more important than ever to share, engage with, and celebrate each other's work," shares Emma Geiger, MFA EDA '22, who collaborated on filming and editing.

Gianluca Corinaldesi: Art in Our COVID Life

Gianluca Corinaldesi started his position at Duke just three weeks before COVID stay at home orders. Learning to play the piano with his sons has brought joy to the Corinaldesi family home. "[It] puts me in a good mood like few other things," he reflects.

Sofia Zymnis ’21: Virtual Balconies

Sofia Zymnis '21 shares a project started as a pseudo-autobiographical documentation of her own experience during lockdown that has now developed into a constantly-growing website, inviting people to share their own balcony community in order to grow a shared virtual one.

Blythe Davis ’20: “I’ve Found New Choreographies”

Blythe Davis '20 graduated with a minor in dance this spring. As part of finishing her studies, she was asked to submit a photo of how she was navigating remote learning, classes, projects, and making the most of a chaotic situation. This photo was paired with a brief reflection on her experiences since the transition to social distancing.

Denise Allen: “My Son Matters”

Freelance and documentary photographer Denise Allen shares "My Son Matters," a photography exhibit comprised of portraits of African-American parents with their sons with accompanying statements. Allen created this exhibit to elevate and honor the relationship between African-American mothers and their sons while shining a loving light on the young men whose existence is often stigmatized.

Barbara Dickinson: “Why Dance?”

"Dance reminds you and teaches you the infinite nuances of life.  Excitement and joy in life is not limited to the big bangs, the major earthquakes; it is also the light brush of grief or the gentle awareness of beauty.  Dance can teach, or reteach, us what that means," says Barbara Dickinson, Emerita Dance Faculty.

Sophia Li ’21: “There is Art All Around Us”

Sophia Li shares her final photography project, "Food for Trash"—created for the course Ways of Seeing: Storytelling through Photography with Professor Charlotte de la Fuente Nørregaard (DIS Copenhagen)—which meditates on the meaning of food scraps during the coronavirus crisis.

2020 Heid Studio Recital

Students in David Heid's piano studio recorded their recital pieces from their homes due to COVID-19 distancing measures, the resulting video is a virtual recital bringing these separate pieces together.

Ashleigh Smith ’20: “Creating is Healing”

Ashleigh Smith, Nasher intern and Duke Class of 2020, was excited to organize a small exhibition at the Nasher Museum this spring. When the museum temporarily closed, she converted the installation to a multimedia online project, which includes a Spotify playlist and podcast episode. An extension of her senior thesis, the project is the product of two years of research.

Lana Garland: “A Balm for the Soul”

Lana Garland is a writer, filmmaker, photographer, instructor who shares photographs, writing, and her thoughts on the role of art during this time as part of our "Art and Artists are Essential" collection and invitation.

Durham Medical Orchestra: Music as Prescription

The Durham Medical Orchestra and community musicians collaborated in a virtual performance of a new piece by Durham composer Steven Bryant, sharing music and creativity as an important component to battling stress during the current pandemic.

Sujal Manohar ’20: Reflections on Mental Health at Duke

Sujal Manohar is a senior neuroscience and visual arts double major whose senior Graduate with Distinction project in Visual Arts, Reflect: Mental Health Experiences at Duke, focuses on mental health experiences at Duke. She shares this work with us as part of our "Art and Artists are Essential" collection and invitation.

Oliver Greenwald ’23: Digital Portraits

Oliver Greenwald is a first year studying Computer Science and Visual Arts while pursuing a minor in Psychology and an Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate. He shares his digital artwork as part of our "Art and Artists are Essential" collection and invitation.

Students Document Sheltering at Home

Instead of documenting Hillsborough, Susie Post-Rust and her Center for Documentary Studies students began documenting their experience of the current pandemic, questioning what it means to “Stay At Home.”

Robin Yeh ’20: Capstone Oil Paintings

Robin Yeh is a senior visual arts major who has completed an independent study and capstone project with Beverly McIver. She shares her artwork as part of our "Art and Artists are Essential" collection and invitation.

John Brown: “The Human Need for Art”

John Brown, director of the Duke University Jazz Program, says: "Remember that art and artists will still be there for us on the other side when we reach that light. Artists need us just as much as we need them."