You-Jin Kim: “Encourage Teamwork in a Difficult Time”

We invited artists from Duke’s MFA EDA community to share work they have made in response to the coronavirus crisis. See the full “Home & Away” collection here.

You-Jin Kim: “Encourage Teamwork in a Difficult Time”

Artist’s Reflection

We are in a dark time where peer interaction is discouraged. My research that presents inter-actable virtual space for both mixed reality headset and projected dynamic space will open up new ways for multi-users to interact in the virtual environment. I am encouraged to work on my study where it will bring people together and encourage teamwork in a difficult time.

The video was taken in Microsoft’s headquarters in the Perception and Interaction Group Laboratory.


You-Jin is a mixed reality researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is developing a unique spatial augmented reality system/ space where users can freely interact with the computational space.