Meet the 2024 Arts + Cohort

This summer, we welcome our 2024 Arts + cohort of undergraduate and graduate students who will gain full-time hands-on professional experience in the arts through three different project teams. Arts + sheds light on the behind-the-scenes work of arts administration and the creative work required to build an artistic product. 

Read below to learn more about each student and what they are excited to explore this summer with Arts + !

The Arts Admin team will work with our Marketing & Communications and Programming & Production teams as we present Music in the Gardens and prepare for the 2024-25 Duke Arts Presents season.

David Liu


Major: Computer Science
Minor: Dance

I’m looking forward to help to coordinate the next season of art in Duke. As well as learn everything an artist needs to know about besides the art itself.

Jeffrey Broms


Major: Undecided; likely Physics
Minor: Music

I’m excited to learn more about how Duke Arts brings exciting and innovative performers to campus. As a double bassist, I love seeing great musicians on stage; I also appreciate other disciplines, like theater and dance. I’m interested in the robust technical and organizational skills that go into arts administration, including data analysis, project management, and the balancing of interests of the community and other stakeholders.

Jeslyn Gao


Major: Economics
Minor: Music
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate 

What drew me to the Arts + program was the opportunity to work on a lean team in arts administration, which is a field I am eager to discover. I was especially excited to work with the marketing team and explore how to increase engagement with the Duke and broader Durham community.

Maxwell Rosselli


Major: Statistics
Minor: Music
Decision Sciences Certificate 

I am looking forward to working with Duke Arts and seeing the behind the scenes work in what makes the arts scene at Duke so vibrant and rich. Being from Durham, I also want to see the connections between Duke Arts and Durham as a community.

The Duke Arts Fellows team will work alongside Vice Provost for the Arts John V. Brown to develop a new program to strengthen collaboration between Durham Public Schools and Duke University through showcases and programming.

Devon Carter


Program: Musicology (Ph.D.)

I’m looking forward to helping build a program to connect arts education at Duke and Durham Public Schools. By broadening our artistic communities, we can let the arts be a bridge into Duke — and into Durham.

Riley Campbell


Major: Public Policy and Dance
Minor: Education

As a North Carolina native, I am excited to connect my school and community through arts advocacy and outreach. Arts have meant so much in my life and it is a privilege to be able to help foster a program that engages and celebrates the arts both in and out of the classroom.

Thais Marsalis


Majors: International Comparative Studies and Economics

With my specific program, I am so excited to connect the Duke community with Durham and Durham Public Schools through art! Duke feels very separate from Durham because of this bubble we live in on campus, so attempting to connect further with the Durham community through something as personal and intimate as art is so special.

The Verbatim Theater team will collaborate with Duke Theater professor and award-winning documentary filmmaker Daniel G. Karlsake and Latinx director Javier De Frutos to workshop and perform a play that engages with the intersection of religion, sexuality and gender identity. 

Aidan Klein


Major: Program II in Character Studies: Personality, Storytelling, and Embodiment

I’m really looking forward to collaborating with such awesome people, and in doing so, contributing to the development of a professional work. Through this process, I also hope to better understand religious perspectives on LGBTQ+ identities.

Augustus Adams


Major: Biology, Global Health Co-major
Minor: Spanish

I am looking forward to work with a small group to advance a pertinent piece about Christian, LGBTQIA+ youth and their often strenuous relationship with their parents. Specifically, using excerpts from interviews with said youth as the foundation for an extensive verbatim theater production.

Em Liptow


Program: MFA in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis

I am looking forward to being a part of a verbatim theatre project and to getting a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes process of bringing a new theatre piece to life. I’m excited to be on a creative team with other students, community members, and professional artists to workshop and evolve the script together.

Izzy Dudlyke


Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Visual Media Studies: Cinematic Arts

I’m looking forward to work with Daniel and Javier on their adaptation of Daniel’s award-winning film, and helping guide the creative process. I am also excited to be deeply involved with theatre productions again and see a project come together.

Ondine Peck-Voll


Majors: Theater and Visual Media Studies: Cinematic Arts

I am looking forward to this program not only for its artistic and educational value but also for the chance to contribute to a work that has the potential to impact audiences and members of our team alike profoundly and be a part of creating a piece of work in the genre of verbatim theater that so profoundly inspires me.