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Reggie Watts

“Deliciously strange” (LA Times), “spectacularly original” (New York Magazine), “a comedic stream of conscious operatic beat-boxing marvel” (Eugene Mirman): Brooklyn’s Reggie Watts leaves audiences in convulsions of awed laughter with his whip- smart comedy. A sly provocateur in the mold of Andy Kaufman, Watts “moves seamlessly from skits to songs to off-kilter stand-up” (NY Times), using electronic looping consoles to layer his riffs with vocal percussion symphonies. Now the only comedian praised by Brian Eno for “natural musicality” as well as “sidesplitting wit” brings his solo show to Duke Performances.

“Reggie Watts is comedian like platypuses are mammals; weirdly and awesomely” —Rolling Stone

  • Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 8:00pm
Reynolds Industries Theater