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Los Lobos + Leo Kottke

Los Lobos makes smoking-hot rock in the borderlands of blues, R&B, and Tejano. Here the wolves of East L.A. look back, trading electrics for guitarones in an all-acoustic set of Latin American folk, todo caliente. They split the bill with Kottke, the jawdropping master of American acoustic; in his hands, 6- and 12-string guitar chords burn with the blues he picked up in Oklahoma, while flights of superhuman picking inscribe harmony over the throb.


“For nearly three decades Los Lobos have been exploring the artistic and commercial possibilities of American biculturalism, moving back and forth between their Chicano roots and their love of American rock.”
β€”Rolling Stone

“[Los Lobos] walk the narrow path between playful adventurousness and tuneful accessibility with ragged elegance and swaggering confidence.”
β€”All Music Guide

“Kottke stays on top of his game, primarily because his unique style separates him from the pack and because his hefty pile of recordings reveals that he never succumbs to complacency.”
β€”Los Angeles Times

  • Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 8:00pm
Page Auditorium