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Lino Cut Printing

Lino Cut Printing

Come make your very own beautiful art print to hang in your dorm room or apartment! In this workshop students will learn the basics of linocut printmaking. Students will be provided with a small piece of soft linoleum and a carving tool to create their design. Once carved each student will have the opportunity to make a series of prints to take home in various colors.

*Note: due to time it will be helpful if students can come prepared with some simple design ideas.

About the Instructor

Sean is a Durham based visual artist with a focus on print and design. He spends his days rebranding small local businesses and his nights tending the fields on his farm in Minecraft. Sean’s art is colorful and full of movement. He’s currently obsessed with screen printing David Bowie halftones and painting recycled glass bottles.

  • Thu, Jan 11, 2024 at 6:00pm
Duke Arts Annex