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Welcome to the Class of 2024

"I'm excited to see what we'll create together. I'm excited to join you in rising to the challenges that we face and moving through them together."—John V. Brown, JD, Vice Provost for the Arts

Q&A with Deondra Rose (Duke Faculty & Author)

In this DukeJournos interview with Deondra Rose, a Duke Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Science and Author, we learn the power and importance of using writing to push the boundaries of knowledge and promote human advancement.

People of Duke Arts: Julie Williams

In this interview with singer-songwriter Julie Williams (Trinity ’19), we learn how this Florida-raised public policy student grew from singing national anthems at the ballpark to embarking on a music gap year in Nashville after graduation.

In The Heights: A Musical Celebration of Community and Latinx Diversity

“This show is such a beautiful showcase of a culture that is often misrepresented,” says Maria Zurita-Ontiveros, a Duke Sophomore and Director of Hoof ‘n’ Horn’s Spring 2019 production of In The Heights. Duke Arts sits down with Maria and lead cast member, Gustavo Andrade, to learn more about how this special show celebrates Latinx diversity and empowers individuals to proudly represent the communities they call home.

Exploring Art and Neuroscience at Duke

Sujal Manohar (Class of 2020) is a double-major in neuroscience and visual arts. An exhibit of her drawings in the Wellness Center Art Gallery proves the two fields are not as far apart as one might think.

Durham: The Flower of the Carolinas

Discover the story behind one of the newest pieces of art on Duke’s campus—a traffic box transformed with color by the Nasher Museum of Art, born out of a collaboration between the City of Durham and a Fall 2018 Duke course. "I discovered that the explorer John Lawson dubbed Durham “the flower of the Carolinas,” says artist Britt Flood.

People of Duke Arts: Mark Steelman

Virtual reality is often associated with gaming and entertainment. In this piece, Mark Steelman, the president of Duke's VR club, talks about the limitless possibilities that virtual reality offers—including in the arts.

Art As Protest: Preserving Latinx Culture through Murals

"The mural at Duke was defaced...because it made people aware that there is a vibrant and powerful Latinx community in the university and the area," notes Dr. Márquez, a Romance Studies Professor at UNC. Duke Arts explores how Duke students and community members used visual art to protest the defacement of a Latinx Heritage mural on East Campus.

People of Duke Arts: Dare Coulter

Get to know Dare Coulter, a Triangle-based artist, sculptor, and muralist who combines distinct aspects of color, culture, and creativity to re-imagine communities of color in joyous and powerful spaces. "The reason that I paint what I paint is that I need people to be in it. It has to be people."