Urban Bush Women

Friday, October 23 – Saturday, October 31, 2020

Brooklyn-based dance collective Urban Bush Women (UBW), known for their community involvement and celebration of the movement and culture of the African diaspora, joins Duke Performances for a virtual residency culminating in two virtual performances on October 30 & 31. 

During their residency, UBW will participate in a series of virtual engagements with Duke students and Durham community members. On October 23rd, members Chanon Judson, Samantha Speis, and creative producer Nicholas Hussong will sit down with Duke Dance Program chair Andrew Woods-Valdes for a conversation centered on Artist Journal, UBW’s virtual adaptation of its presentation format, which mixes informal performance, audience interaction, conversation, and a dance party. Later that week, Producer Michelle Coe and Artistic Director Chanon Judson will visit a class centered around gender performativity in dance and theatre. On October 29th, UBW members Kendra and Jaimé will hold a BOLD (Builders, Organizer, & Leaders through Dance) workshop, which explores the use of dance as a catalyst for social change.