Taoyuan Jin, MFA EDA ’22: “sequence”

This is part of a series showcasing the work of the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts Class of 2022. Learn more about the program and its graduating cohort here.


by Taoyuan Jin
HD video, 15 min, color, sound

Premiere:  April 1, Full Frame Theater, 7pm
Encore:  April 14, Screen/Society, Rubenstein Arts Center Film Theater, 7pm

sequence is a short film about being in transit through the illegible American landscapes. The film leaps through abstractions of travel time and space by exploring the perception of being in motion. It is as much a travel film as a filmic representation of the banality of contemporary travel, where images are arranged into a suitably attractive package. Integrating sources from the digital and natural worlds, the film is an account of fragmented memories, momentary spectacles, and the personal journeys of a directionless traveler and narrator.

For my parents, who have sponsored all my travels that have no returns. It will be a different tale if every journey has a return.

All photos courtesy Taoyuan Jin

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