Saleem Reshamwala (Kid Ethnic) and Tarish Pipkins (Jeghetto)

January 27 – February 1, 2020

Join the Innovation Co-Lab as we invite Saleem Reshamwala and Tarish Pipkins for a week of workshops in puppetry and filmmaking, culminating in the production of a short film involving an army of cloned puppets and maybe a dragon?


This winter, the Innovation Co-Lab, in partnership with Duke Arts, is inviting two local Durham artists, Saleem Reshamwala (aka Kid Ethnic), and Tarish Pipkins (aka Jeghetto), to join us for an exciting, experimental, ambitious week of creativity. Over the course of this week, students will work with Tarish to learn about his puppet-making practices, how technology can play a role in low-fidelity/analog making, and help produce an army of customized puppets with some of the Co-Lab Studio tools. Simultaneously, Saleem will lead some workshops on filmmaking and storytelling, and provide some insight into his Emmy-nominated work focusing on culture, ethnicity, and music. The week will culminate in a collaborative film shot over the course of a week featuring student-made puppets.

About the Artists

Saleem Reshamwala is a Durham, NC-based mediamaker. Recent awards include an Emmy-nomination for his work on implicit bias while at the New York Times, and Best Music Video at the Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem (for G Yamazawa’s  “NorthCack”). He’s documented hip hop in Croatia, Morocco, Senegal, Ethiopia, Fiji, Panama and the Democratic Republic of Congo and has studied, worked, or hung out in fifty countries.

Tarish Pipkins a.k.a. Jeghetto is a self taught artist and has been creating art from a very young age. He moved to North Carolina in 2005 where he launched his career in Puppetry, fine-tuning his skills by doing street performances. In 2008 he started working with Paperhand Puppet Intervention. Most recently, Jeghetto had the pleasure to work with national recording artist, Missy Elliott on her music video, WTF ( Where They From) controlling the Pharell puppet and doing some puppet building. Jeghetto’s passion is promoting Oneness through the magic of Puppetry.

To see what we have in mind for this residency, check out this video for Durham’s own G. Yamazawa. Saleem and Tarish have collaborated the project in 2019. Tarish built and operated the puppets and Saleem directed and edited the film.

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