libi rose striegl: “Magic Glowing Rectangles”

We invited artists from Duke’s MFA EDA community to share work they have made in response to the coronavirus crisis. See the full “Home & Away” collection here.

libi rose striegl: “Magic Glowing Rectangles”

Artist’s Reflection

I started making a daily Instax photo—a straightforward, film-based image-making—for the first time in longer than I can remember.

With every other aspect of life being forced into magic glowing rectangles, and with my own need to spend hours a day staring at my screen as I finished and prepared to defend my dissertation, the need to make things in more tangible modes became acute.

So I threw myself into kitchen experiments, making masks and making a single image each day. I usually write code or work with words. Even when I do work with photographic images, they are usually abstracted or mediated in some fashion. This has removed that veneer.


libi rose striegl has a PhD in intermedia arts writing and performance.