Laurids Andersen Sonne: “Notes to Myself and Others”

We invited artists from Duke’s MFA EDA community to share work they have made in response to the coronavirus crisis. See the full “Home & Away” collection here.

Laurids Andersen Sonne: “Notes to Myself and Others”

Artist’s Reflection

We live in unprecedented times (or so we think), where new fragmented and fluctuating political, social, economic, biological, and ecological trajectories constantly challenge what it means to be human (globally, regionally, locally) now, and into the future.

We have to be in conversation with the ambiguity of our being in the world, in its current iteration. In it, we have the opportunity to ask open-ended questions of ourselves and the uneasiness of the everyday. In a time when we are striving for something concrete, we as artists should use our ability to stand on unstable ground to re-frame and transform that which seems chaotic and indeterminate.

We have an urgent opportunity to come together in new ways and intensities, in envisioning possible realities of the future. It is time for attempts at attunement with that which we cannot comprehend, even that which is beyond the human.


Laurids Andersen Sonne is a Danish interdisciplinary artist. His work spans 16mm film, video, installation, sculpture, performance, and socially engaged art projects. Laurids sees art as a catalyst for reflection on being, a way to explore, entwine and unfold serious topics.