Lara Breitkreutz ‘20: Reconsidering the Oyster

Summer 2019

About the Artist

My name is Lara Breitkreutz. I am fascinated by what we can learn from the natural world and how we can incorporate that knowledge in the process of reforming our systems and reframing our relationships – with ourselves, with one another, and with the natural world – for a sustainable future. I am developing a strong scientific foundation through pursuing a degree in Environmental Sciences towards understanding and applying the knowledge that nature offers.

Additionally, I feel inclined to challenge the dominating environmental narratives of the present and believe there is great opportunity in creatively communicating the challenges we face. I strive to practice effective communication, that illuminates varied and nuanced perspectives and develops a platform for strategizing solutions that adequately acknowledge these. My background in visual art informs my decision to pursue a Certificate in Documentary Studies and use it in exploring our relationship with the natural world.