“Practice the Care, Collaboration, and Empathy of an Artist”

Since launching Art & Artists Are Essential, an invitation to our community to reflect on how they are navigating the current moment, we’ve shared messages of hope, determination, and resilience, all generously offered by students, staff, faculty, alumni, and independent artists.

I now ask each of you to dig deeper into this core of our humanity. Practice the care, collaboration, and empathy of an artist. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are only the latest African American lives lost to unjust justice systems and systemic racism. We have passed 100,000 deaths from coronavirus, which is disproportionally impacting communities of color.

It hurts.

As you process this pain, know that Duke University stands strong in its values of trust, respect, and inclusion. And as I prepare to step down, know that the incoming Vice Provost for the Arts will continue to empower the arts at Duke to unite and strengthen our spirits; to start difficult conversations; and to deepen our humanity.

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Scott Lindroth
Vice Provost for the Arts