Marika Niko Duke Arts Admin Fellow

Marika Niko is a choreographer, arts administrator, mover, and thinker from Japan. After being a nomad for most of her life ‒ Thailand, UK, the Netherlands, UAE, Japan ‒ she is currently based in the US. She graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi with a BA in Theater and Duke University’s Dance: Embodied interdisciplinary Praxis with an MFA in Dance. In the two years between their studies, they worked as an External Relations Coordinator at a Japanese startup dance organization, Dance Base Yokohama, working to facilitate intercultural collaborations and international residencies. In their role as a Duke Arts Admin Fellow, she blends her identity as an artist/choreographer and her experience as an art administrator/organizer. One of her primary ongoing projects at Duke Arts is Meshroom (2022 to present), which is a social choreographic initiative that aims to propose alternative and interdisciplinary ways of relating and thinking through movement. They are interested in creating choreographies, happenings, or events that weave different relationships among humans, non-humans, space, and time, as a way to imagine, rehearse, and experience alternative forms of social organization.

Marika Niko