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Ocean Filibuster Sensory Warnings

Original Information Provided by PearlDamour in Collaboration with Spectrum Theatre Ensemble

This production is general admission, so you may select the seats that feel most comfortable for you. Please note that the front section of the audience will experience more intense sensory moments. Additionally, the “Senate Seats” at the tables in the front rows will have potential audience participation. If you are no longer comfortable in your seats once the performance begins, you may move to a different location at any time.

Triggers will be indicated with a blue warning light about 5 seconds before they occur. The warning light will stay lit until the effect is over.

The following elements occur during the performance:

  • Cymbals at the top of the show
  • Percussion sounds throughout
  • Gavel sounds throughout
  • Sudden blackouts
  • Abrupt light changes throughout
  • Loud sequences throughout
  • Scripted shouting from the audience, and overlapping voices
  • Lit disco balls in the lobby during intermission

The doors to the theater will be left open and if any moment is too intense, you can leave the theater at any time through any exit to one of the Quiet Areas. If you would like to return to the theater, a staff member can help you.