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Sarah Riazati: “Expansive Potential”

Published By Duke Arts / published on: May 11, 2020

Sarah Riazati, who taught two classes for Arts of the Moving Image at Duke this past semester, shares student's intriguing and creative final projects.

Part of our “Art and Artists are Essential” collection and invitation.

Sarah Riazati, who earned her MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke in 2019, taught two classes this spring semester: “Motion Graphics for Film & Video” and “Moving Image Practice.” Students in each class made films for their final projects and both Riazati and teaching assistant Kate Auger (MFA ’21) developed online screenings so that students could choose to share their final projects with the world.

“In each class, students proposed an original idea for their finals, and they all overcame no shortage of obstacles to create films under conditions of social distancing and remote learning. Presented together, each of these short films not only show the technical skills in After Effects and Adobe Premiere that each student developed, they also show the expansive potential that these tools possess for expressing original creative ideas.” — Sarah Riazati, MFA ’19 & Duke AMI Lecturer

Access the final projects for Motion Graphics for Film & Video — we share one project, “keep learning” by Harry Liang below.

Access the final projects for Moving Image Practice — we share one project, “Free Daily Horoscope Today” by Ava B. Navarro below.

Sarah Riazati is a lecturer in Arts of the Moving Image at Duke, learn more about her work.

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"keep learning" was Harry Liang's final project for AMI 301S: Motion Graphics for Film & Video.
"Free Daily Horoscope Today" by Ava B. Navarro was created as the final project for AMI 322S: Moving Image Practice.