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Kelly C. Tang ’21: Snail Mail During Social Distancing

Published By Duke Arts / published on: April 27, 2020

Kelly C. Tang, a PhD Candidate in Art History, shares mixed-media drawings on letters she's made for friends during the coronavirus crisis, sharing how snail mail has allowed her to focus on those connections and relationships.

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Kelly C. Tang, a PhD candidate in Art History, shares mixed-media illustrations on cards that she’s sent to friends for birthdays, bereavement, and so forth during the current crisis, saying:

“While I’ve always loved sending and receiving snail mail, I don’t usually have the time to draw. Designing and illustrating cards and letters with greater consideration of the recipient has been especially rewarding while social distancing because I can think about them throughout the process. I feel connected and grateful for the relationship instead of dwelling on an alternate reality.”

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