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FORM Alumni Series: ArtDrunk’s Gary Yeh ‘17

Published By Duke Arts / published on: December 13, 2020

Gary Yeh '17 is founder of ArtDrunk, which now has a weekly newsletter that aims to make it easy and fun to learn about contemporary art. We share his interview with the Duke student publication FORM Magazine.

Gary Yeh (Trinity ’17) is the founder of ArtDrunk, an art media company focused on spreading the emotional and cultural power of art with all. Having grown to nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, ArtDrunk recently launched a weekly newsletter to make it easy to learn about contemporary art. ArtDrunk’s newsletter taps into the success of millennial newsletters like the Skimm and Morning Brew. It’s a digestible guide to today’s top artists without any of the fancy language that can often make art difficult to understand. You can check out past newsletters and subscribe here.

You can also watch Gary in our ninth episode of DEMAN Live, which features a student-moderated panel of alumni working in the fine arts and fashion industries.

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