Inesa Preciado: “Art Has Always Been There for Us”

Part of our “Art and Artists are Essential” collection and invitation.

“These times are challenging. However, these are the days that I hear a lot of people express that art has been healing them during the pandemic. Art has always been there for us as humans as a way to express and outpour our emotions, negative or positive. Art is the way we communicate with the divine and deep part of ourselves. I create art that those with a dreamer soul; a fearless soul can escape into.

I created the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’ series as I wanted to escape back to the beauty of the natural world during quarantine. My desire to create my own serene and beautiful world during these difficult times is why I unequivocally believe that art is what gives us hope and healing.” — Inesa Preciado

Inesa Preciado is an alumnus of The Fuqua School of Business at Duke, learn more about her art here.