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I Fagiolini
Insalata I Fagiolini

I Fagiolini, winners of the Royal Philharmonic Society Ensemble Award, are a British vocal ensemble of six singers specializing in dynamic, historically informed performances of renaissance vocal music. Far from ‘stand and deliver’ performers, I Fagiolini invest their concerts with a theatrical style that seeks to capture the spirit of the music.

With a program title that plays on the ensemble’s name and translates as “A Salad of Green Beans,” I Fagiolini present a meal fit for a king at Baldwin Auditorium seasoned with the ensemble’s signature blend of dramatic skill and flawless technique. The program of madrigals, chansons, and ensaladas — songs with mixtures of languages and rhythms, written as entertainments for the Valencian court — had the Guardian raving, “bean salads rarely come as good as this … For all the humor, the program worked beautifully because of the deadly serious musicianship that is I Fagiolini’s gold standard.”

Ludwig Senfl: Das Gläut zu Speyer
Clément Janequin: Or vien ça
Pierre Sandrin: Puisque Vivre en Servitude
Dominique Phinot: Pleurez Mes Yeux
Claude Le Jeune: Un Gentil Amoureux
C. Janequin: Le Chant des oiseaux
Anonymous: Claros y frescos rios
Juan Vásquez: ¿Serrana, dónde dormistes?
Mateo Flecha el Viejo: Teresica hermana
M. Flecha: El fuego
Orlando di Lasso: S’io esca vivo
Cipriano De Rore: Mia benigna fortuna
Alessandro Striggio: D’Ogni gratia et d’amor
Giaches De Wert: Ascendente Jesu in Naviculam
Giovanni Croce: Il gioco dell’occa

Claudio Monteverdi: Sfogava con le stelle
C. Monteverdi: Volgea l’anima mia
C. Monteverdi: Longe da te, cor mio
C. Monteverdi: Anima mia, perdona

  • Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 8:00pm
Baldwin Auditorium