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Emanuel Gat Dance: LOVETRAIN2020

Emanuel Gat’s work explores the intersections between choreography, music, audio and visuals to move audiences and tell stories.

Presented in partnership with American Dance Festival, Duke Arts and NC State LIVE, LOVETRAIN2020 is a choreographic ode to the sound and vibe of the 80s, as embodied in the music of Tears For Fears, with its utopic drive and epic groove.

“Mr. Gat melds gestural detail with larger-scale movement, sometimes working against the music’s rhythms, sometimes with them, frequently in silence. This eccentric physical dialogue with the music — mostly in a minor key and vaguely gloomy in content yet somehow gloriously singalong — is exhilarating.

LOVETRAIN2020 is everything the small-scale, often somber work made for video during the past months is not. It’s loud, joyous, physical, close. […] A celebration of the body, of performance, of life.”

—The New York Times


  • $42
  • $52
  • $62
  • $72
  • Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 8:00pm
UNC Memorial Hall