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Debo Band

Boston’s Debo Band starts with Ethio-jazz, that early-70s mix of traditional Amharic melodies and bass grooves from American funk, now familiar to audiences across the world from the popular Ethiopiques recordings. Then they add a supercharged brass and string section worthy of Balkan legend Goran Bregovic and throw in a fuzzed-out electric guitar. The result is an unstoppable new form far beyond “world fusion.”

Debo Band finds the perfect dance venue in Durham’s Motorco Music Hall, located in the city’s flourishing Central Park district. Just try sitting still when this cross-cultural dynamo launches into “full rave mode, an ecstatic place beyond even the wildest hybrids of Addis in the ’70s” (NPR).

  • Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 9:00pm
Motorco Music Hall