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Cappella Pratensis
The Musical World of Hieronymus Bosch

“Cappella Pratensis sing with an organic appreciation of line and text that enfolds the ear in every phrase,” marveled Classical Music Magazine. This Dutch ensemble summons the atmosphere of choral singing from five centuries ago: eight male voices, all reading from a single choir book. They recreate original practices without sacrificing the immediacy of these intricate masterworks.

Cappella Pratensis come to Duke Performances with a tribute to the best-known son of their native city, the phantasmagorical painter Hieronymus Bosch. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death, the group brings to life the music of the astounding Franco-Flemish choral composer Pierre de la Rue, which Bosch would have heard in his day. While Bosch filled his paintings with vivid and densely packed images, composers like Pierre de La Rue filled their works with musical variety and polyphonic innovation. This program echoes the very world of Hieronymus Bosch.


Anonymous chant/polyphony: Introit: Salva Sancta Parens
Pierre de la Rue: “Kyrie” and “Gloria” from Missa Cum Jocunditate
Chant: Gradual: Benedicta et Venerabilis Es
Chant: Alleluia: Ave Maria
Chant/Anon. early 16th century: Sequence: Verbum bonum et suave
Pierre de la Rue: “Credo” from Missa Cum Jocunditate
Anon.: Motet: Sub Tuum Presidium
Chant: Prefatio
Pierre de la Rue: “Sanctus” from Missa Cum Jocunditate
Anon: Elevation Motet: O Salutaris Hostia
Chant: Pater noster
Pierre de la Rue: “Agnus Dei” from Missa Cum Jocunditate
Chant: Communion: Beata Viscera
Pierre de la Rue: Motet: Gaude Virgo

  • Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 8:00pm
Page Auditorium