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Bang on a Can All-Stars & special guest Glenn Kotche of Wilco

With “a potent blend of intensity, authority, and abandon” (Vanity Fair), the world’s leading contemporary music ensemble turns out full-throttle performances as refined as they are exhilarating. Here they team with Kotche, drummer/percussionist for Wilco, in a program featuring compositions from BoaC co-founder Lang, Kotche, and Reich—the iconic composer-percussionist who inspired Kotche’s own experiments. At the crossroads of Wilco’s art rock and Reich’s revamped classicism, Reich’s 2×5—written for two electric guitars, keyboard, bass, and drumkit, closes the program.

Steve Reich: NY Counterpoint
Michael Gordon: For Madeline
Reich: 2×5
Glenn Kotche/Reich: Clapping Music Variations
Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood (arr. by David Kossin for drums)
Kotche: Snap
Kotche: Mobile


Ashley Bathgate – cello
Robert Black – bass
Vicky Chow – piano
Ian Ding – percussion
Derek Johnson – guitar
Mark Stewart – guitar
Evan Ziporyn – clarinets
Glenn Kotche – guest percussion



Bang on a Can Coaching Session
with the Duke New Music Ensemble

Friday, January 28
Baldwin Auditorium, Duke’s East Campus, 10a

  • Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 8:00pm
Reynolds Industries Theater