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A Path to Muslim Flourishing, Joy, and Futurism (Virtual Talk)

“Wednesdays @ The Center”

MIPSTERZ has focused its recent efforts around Muslim Futurism-a cultural and artistic aesthetic that learns from frameworks of Afrofuturism and Palestinian liberationism-imagining a broader Muslim future free from the oppression of today, set in a utopic tomorrow of our collective creation. The intersectional identities of Muslims and the compounded suffering experienced by so many require synchronous efforts of dismantling. Futuring for Muslims today (tabling instances of flourishing seen historically in previous Muslim communities) is an act of resistance against all hegemonic entities that have come to limit, restrict, and obliterate Muslim potential, flourishing, and joy. It is through this resistance and eventual dismantling that Muslims can freely and boldly imagine worlds that champion their visions, celebrate their joy, and ensure their flourishing. In Fall 2022, MIPSTERZ debuted the “ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM” experiential art exhibition and digital archive at the Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University. The project explores Muslim Futurism through five themes: imagination, resistance, liberation, community, and identity. Open from August 16 to September 18, 2022, the exhibition includes original artwork and installations from the MIPSTERZ collective, featuring contributions from over 30 Muslim & Muslim-adjacent/ally artists worldwide, as well as a series of public programs on and off-campus.

MIPSTERZ is an arts and culture collective presenting and incubating creative Muslim expression to general audiences since 2012. The collective has championed self-expression through dozens of programs across the US and empowers artists to co-create culture-challenging work. Original MIPSTERZ works have been featured at The Shed, de Young Museum, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and Tribeca Film Festival.


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  • Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 12:00pm