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Students, Faculty, Alumni, and residents of Durham are a vibrant artistic community.


DukeCreate is a free arts workshop series that offers Duke students instruction in ceramics, screen printing, painting and drawing, photography, and media production. The workshops meet throughout the school year in the Arts Annex and are typically taught by local artists and students in Duke's MFA|EDA program.

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The Artstigators—Crazies for the Arts—is a movement that builds community around creativity at Duke and beyond.

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Community Articles

Mural Durham

An afternoon of arts, food, and fun at the Duke Arts Annex on Saturday, Oct. 22

High-Tech Tools Yield Roman Discovery

A team of Duke scholars and students spent this summer at two historic sites in Italy and helped to uncover two Roman Empire-era facilities: a public building and an amphitheater. 

Musical Disruption

Composer John Supko has carved out a niche in generative music with music that can sound different each time it is played.