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At Duke, the arts are full-fledged participants in all areas of academic inquiry, in keeping with Duke's well-established culture of interdisciplinary inquiry.

High-Tech Tools Yield Roman Discovery

A team of Duke scholars and students spent this summer at two historic sites in Italy and helped to uncover two Roman Empire-era facilities: a public building and an amphitheater. 

Of Heartbeats, Bones and Brushstrokes

It takes a well-trained eye to spot an irregular heartbeat in an electrocardiogram or distinguish an original van Gogh from a fake, but applied mathematician Ingrid Daubechies has developed ways for computers to do the spotting.

Studying a Virtuoso Violinist's Brain with MRI

After suffering a serious concussion, violinist Jennifer Koh developed a profound interest in brain function. During her residency at Duke she visited the Duke class Music and the Brain for a chat and the Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center for a scan.

The music of chemistry

2014 Sudler Prize winner Wenjia Xu's string quartet traces an arc from hydrogen to DNA