Duke Arts Partners with Bass Connections on “Arts in the World”

Bass Connections provides Duke faculty, students, and external partners the opportunity to work collaboratively on interdisciplinary research teams that explore complex issues challenging society.

This year, the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts is proud to partner with Bass Connections on “Arts in the World.”

For this initiative, Bass Connections is seeking projects across all themes that display the range of ways in which different forms of art intersect with how we understand, convey, and engage with these societal challenges. As one example of what such projects may look like, Jonathan Henderson and Raquel Salvatella de Prada worked with the Bass Connections team “Arts and the Anthropocene” to tell the story of climate change through a sustainable art installation last year.

Bass Connections has also just launched a new theme on Race & Society. While arts projects certainly need not be limited to this theme, we believe this theme also presents an opportunity to address an important topic through the arts. Project proposals are due Monday, Nov. 1 at 5pm. Learn more about proposal guidelines below.

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Request for Proposals for 2022-2023 Bass Connections Project Teams

The “Arts and the Anthropocene” team. Photo courtesy Raquel Salvatella de Prada.

Due Monday, November 1 at 5pm

Bass Connections is now seeking proposals for year-long, team-based research projects that engage faculty, undergraduates, and graduate/professional students in the interdisciplinary exploration of complex societal challenges. Funding ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. In addition to the five themes of Bass Connections, faculty may submit proposals outside of these themes through Bass Connections Open. Graduate students, postdocs, and trainees/fellows may also propose projects, but all projects must have at least one faculty leader.

Faculty may also propose a summer Data+ or Story+ project now through November 1. Faculty can link a Data+/Story+ project with a year-long Bass Connections team by completing just the Bass Connections RFP by November 1, or may apply separately to Data+ or Story+.

For questions, or to discuss project ideas, please join one of the RFP office hours, or contact Laura Howes (director of Bass Connections) or a theme leader.

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