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The Office of Student Affairs at Duke Kunshan University is presenting online arts programming for students to enjoy from anywhere! For more information please visit Duke Kunshan Engage or email if you have any questions.

Fashion: Remade, Reused & Recycle Workshop
Workshop Time: GMT+8, 9 PM, Friday, April 24th
Location: Zoom 133-740-478
Video to Watch: Please find it in Duke Box

The series events include a lecture and a hands-on workshop by guest speaker Bashir Aswat, Fashion Designer, Head of Fashion at the University of Salford. He will introduce how we can remake products into fashion with existing items we find within our wardrobes in order to reduce consumption and global footprint, whilst utilizing and giving new life to materials that may otherwise have become global waste. He will also look at how brands and designers have practiced this philosophy, including some famous fashion brands that was leading the way back in the late 80’s and 90’s and who would recycle materials into objects of higher status than the original object. More info please visit Duke Kunshan Engage and please email if you have any questions.

Curator’s Talk: A Trip to the Museum
Time: GMT+8, 9 PM, Saturday, April 25th
Location: Zoom 133-740-478

During this online study period, Student Affairs Office hope to provide you with more resources and events on all aspects of arts. We invited Becky Knott, who has abundant experiences and backgrounds in art. She served as Collection Manager at the British Museum and current Chef Curator at East Collections Research Centre in V&A (Victorian & Albert Museum).. This talk will touch upon the big picture of the UK’s art scene including some leading art institutions. You’ll also be able to get to know the founding, history and future of the museum through specific projects and exhibitions of the UK’s biggest art and design museum. The curator will also talk about the approach to museum collections today which will provide you with a great opportunity to get into the back scene of the art world and exhibitions! More info please visit Duke Kunshan Engage and please email if you have any questions.

“American Pop”: An Arts and Culture Webinar Series VI-American R&B Legend Curtis Mayfield
Time: GMT+8, 9 PM, Sunday April 26th
Location: Zoom (ID: 133-740-478)

“American Pop” series is a weekly online interactive webinar series taking a critical eye towards American pop music. American pop music is derived from its broadest sense: whether the music is considered “underground” or “commercial,” its music that is made to be appreciated almost instantly from a large population of the artist’s peers. “American Pop” Series will look at the culture and the poetics of American pop music. It enhances a comprehensive understanding of  American culture and beyond. The broader aim, however, is to help students live a critical-minded life, sharpening skills that can be not only utilized in the classroom but also when living day-to-day life. Contact any question.

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