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Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Rubenstein Arts Center

Please note: Breaking into Hollywood, The Business of Entertainment, Make it Stick, Pen, Page and Podcast, and Navigate Your First Job creative industries panels occur at 1:00pm and 2:30pm.

Breaking into Hollywood: Script to Screen

Location: Film Theater 123
How do your favorite shows and films get made? Meet the creative forces behind the scenes, including alumni working at Netflix, HBO, Disney and Participant Media.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Chelsea Rae Giegerich, Matthew Giegerich, Serges Himbaza, Julien Thuan, Bryce Cracknell, Rebekah Fergusson, Robb Chavis, Amy GravittJillian Apel, Lily-Hayes Kaufman

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Jenna Gates, Mike Macari, Dave Karger, Mark Mayer, Ritza Bloom, Sarah GarrahanAshley Alman, Kate Zabinsky, Kevin Plunkett, Carl Kurlander

Moderator: Karen Elizabeth Price, Director, Duke in Los Angeles
Lecturing Fellow, Center for Documentary Studies | Program in Arts of the Moving Image

The Business of Entertainment:
Finance, Law & Entrepreneurship

Location: Studio 131
Interested in opportunities that merge law, business, and entertainment? Meet the Dukies at the top of these fields, including Netflix, Facebook, and NBCUniversal.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Karen Gottlieb, Chelsea Grain, Jonas Blank, Stef Alicia McCalmon, John Calkins, Pat Northrop, Harsha Murthy, Helen Dooley

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Lauren D. Menkes, Jonas Blank, Hillary France, Stef Alicia McCalmon, Chelsea Grain, Ben Berchuck, Ethan Schiffres, Meredith Kaufman

Moderator: Nicole Ligon, J.D., Supervising Attorney & Lecturing Fellow, First Amendment Clinic, Duke Law School

Creative Side of Tech & Engineering

Location: Painting Studio 236
Want a sneak peek into the future of creative tech? Meet the creatives and business executives who are dreaming and scheming possibilities for companies, including Facebook and BuzzFeed.

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Christophe Lafargue, Tyler Mitchell, Hilary Huskey, Tory Macdonald, Samantha Klein, David Ingram, Joshua Setzer, Fred Goldring, Jae Cheon

Moderator: Victoria Szabo, Research Professor of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies

Note: There is no 1:00pm Creative Side of Tech & Engineering session.

Curate Your Fine Arts Career:
Non-profit & For-profit Pathways

Location: Ruby 234
Want to break into the fine arts industries? Meet alumni here to advise you from The Met, Nasher Museum, and universities and galleries across the country.

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Gary Yeh, Molly Superfine, Jason Rosenfeld, Laura D. Corey, Rebecca Kuzemchak, Tracy Nolder Pike, Jesse Huddleston, Janie Booth

Moderator: Sarah Schroth, Director, Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

Note: There is no 1:00pm Curate Your Fine Arts Career session.

Curate Your Performing Arts Career:
Non-profit & For-profit Pathways

Location: The Cube Dance Studio 224
Want to navigate turning your interest in performing arts into a professional career? Meet alumni working across the country at Lincoln Center, Chicago’s Second City, and Broadway.
*Please note: In order to protect the studio’s floor, this session will require participants to remove their shoes before entering the space.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Talya Klein, Dan Fishman, Courtney Liu, Brittany Halberstadt, Lexy Lattimore, Michaela Dwyer,
Austin Powers, Shade Adeyemo, Jamie Kaye-PhillipsRence Nemeh, Deborah Grausman

Moderator: Brian Valentyn, Manager of Campus & Community Initiatives, Duke Performances

Note: There is no 2:30pm Curate Your Performing Arts Career session.

Devil Wears Prada:
Fashion & Lifestyle Industries

Location: Painting Studio 236
Meet alumni working at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and new media platforms, including CHANEL, Ralph Lauren, and InStyle.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Kristina Brown, Sara Beth Zivitz, J’Mill Wintry Smith, Tory MacdonaldChristina Tribull, Brandi Fowler

Moderator: Hillary France, CEO, Co-Founder at Brand Assembly

Note: There is no 2:30pm Devil Wears Prada session.

From CBS Sports to the GRAMMYs:
Sports & Music Industries

Location: Murthy Agora 129
Meet the Dukies working in these closely-tied industries from concerts to game days and music videos, including MLB, Baltimore Ravens and WNYC.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Cameron Thompkins, Julie Williams, Mary Jurey, Allison Creekmore, Hilary Lerner, Cory Rayborn, Sean McManus, Ethan Schiffres, Daina Falk, Cassie Calvert, Dan Nolan, Emma Baccellieri

Moderator: Eric Oberstein, Interim Director, Duke Performances

Note: There is no 2:30pm From CBS Sports to the GRAMMYs session.

Make it Stick: Creative Marketing, Branding & Influencers

Location: Ruby Lounge 102
Meet the creatives working in social media, brand marketing and content strategy at companies, such as National Geographic, Facebook, and Netflix.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Gary Yeh, Morgan Hoit, Pola Changnon, Samantha Klein, Ashley Alman, Kali Shulklapper, Timi Lewis, Katie Chaplin, Charisse Williams Larado, Cassie Goldring, Lauren Hurvitz

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Becky Davis, Drew Neisser, Kate Kearney, Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Will Wiseman, Katie Mahon, Catie Liken, Daina Falk, Karen Gereffin Goodman, Lexie Brown

Moderator: Martha Reeves, Director, Duke Markets and Management Studies Program and Professor of the Practice, Sociology and Markets and Management Studies

Navigate Your First Job in Creative Industries

Location: Dance Studio 201
Learn how these recent Duke grads landed their first jobs at NBC’s The Tonight Show, Ralph Lauren, The Wall Street Journal and more.
*Please note: In order to protect this studio’s floor, this session will require participants to remove their shoes before entering the space.

Navigate Your Higher Degree:
Media, Education & Social Impact

Location: Murthy Agora 129
Interested in opportunities that merge media, social impact, and academia? Meet the Dukies working at this intersection from Spotify’s Dope Labs to the United Nations Foundation.

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Eric Barstow, Kesha Lee, Titi Shodiya, Zakiya Whatley, Ariana Eily, Andrea Patiño Contreras, Danielle Zapotoczny, Ibrahim Maali

Moderator: Mark Anthony Neal, James B. Duke Professor of African & African American Studies

Note: There is no 1:00pm Navigate Your Higher Degree session.

Pen, Page & Podcast:
Writing, Reporting & Producing

Location: AMI Film Studio 232
Meet the Dukies who work across the country telling stories as journalists, authors, and freelance writers for organizations, such as The Atlantic, CBS 60 Minutes, and NBC News.

1:00pm–2:20pm Panelists: Summer Dunsmore, Je-Anne Berry, David Graham, Chuck Adams, Marc Lieberman, Maria Kuznetsova, Jon Schnaars, Sina Gebre-Ab, Gwendolyn Oxenham, Josh Chapin, Kesha Lee, Erica Henry

2:30pm–3:50pm Panelists: Imani Moise, Likhitha Butchireddygari, Susannah Roberson, Amanda Lewellyn, Morgan Hoit, Steven Petrow, Winston Wilde, Danielle Pergament, Sarah Krueger Robinson

Moderator: Bill Adair, Knight Professor of the Practice of Journalism and Public Policy | Director, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy