Announcing the 2024 Benenson Award Winners

Each year, Duke University awards Benenson Awards in the Arts, which provide funding for arts-centered projects proposed by undergraduates, including graduating seniors. This year, the Student Arts Award Committee awarded prizes to fifteen students for creative projects spanning film, music, visual art, art and design, theater and creative writing.

The largest number of applications we receive continue to be from graduating seniors applying to evolve/expand their distinction projects or prepare new work in anticipation of post-Duke opportunities. This year we also received strong proposals from rising seniors hoping to experience intensive workshops or engage creative research in anticipation of future artistic work. One piece of advice I would have for interested students is to plan ahead and seek advice about opportunities and proposal writing from trusted arts mentors. Also, look into the Duke Arts Studio opportunity, which is a great way to build your portfolios and your artistic philosophy to use when applying for Benenson funding.

Jules Odendahl-James, Ph.D, M.F.A.
Chair, Student Arts Awards Committee

2024 Benenson Award Winners

Angelica Moreno

(she / her)

Major: Economics
Minor: Cinematic Arts

Andrew Cao

(he / him)

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Cinematic Arts

Lilian Fan

Majors: Literature (Global Culture and Theory) & Computer Science

Staci Grimes

(they / them)

Major: Sociology
Minor: Visual Media Studies
Certificate: Documentary Studies

Michelle Ling

(she / her)

Major: Environmental Humanities & Multimedia, AB (Program II)

Cate Knothe

(they / them)

Major: Visual Media Studies with a Cinematic Arts concentration and German
Minor: Chemistry
Certificate: Documentary Studies

huiyin zhou 徽音

(they / she)

Major: Cultural Anthropology
Minor: Asian American and Diaspora Studies
Certificate: Documentary Studies

Photo of huiyin’s project

Keena Gao

(she / her)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Emma Zhe Ren

Major: Philosophy and Music

Matthew Nuzzolo

Majors: Biology with a concentration in Cell & Molecular Biology
Minors: Chemistry and Global Health

Ruby Wang

(she / her)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Yinjie Hwang

(he / him)

Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Minors: Visual Media Studies and Computational Media

Ivy Sun

Major: Theater Studies
Minors: Biology and Japanese

Photo of Ivy’s project

Foxx Hart


Major: Global Culture & Theory from the Program in Literature

Vicky Yang

(she / her)

Major: Music with a concentration in piano performance
Minor: Psychology