Alumni Spotlight, Academy Award Edition: Jing Niu (MFA | EDA ’14)

Congratulations to alumna Jing Niu, a member of the Academy Award-winning editing team for Everything Everywhere All at Once!

Niu is a film and music video director based in Los Angeles. Her work addresses motifs of freedom, mythology and the Asian diaspora in the United States. She worked as an assistant editor and post-production coordinator on A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once. When Jing’s not making films, she enjoys surfing, making ceramics and hiking with her two big akitas.

Duke Arts and Forever Duke recently caught up with Niu to learn about her work. Read our Q&A below!

You work in so many facets of film. Can you describe your career at this moment?

Right now, I’m working as an editor and director for hire. I enjoy doing both. As an editor, I get to work on high profile projects. And once in a while when I take on a directing job, I like to use that project as a creative outlet and less like a job. I’m writing my next film script, which is a sci-fi tv series.

What lessons did you learn from Duke that you apply to your career now?

At Duke, I met some amazing friends who still support me. We talk on a regular basis and help one another navigate the industry.

What’s on the horizon for your artistic work?

I would love to have my second solo show sometime in the next year to show all the things I’ve directed and my paintings and pottery. I want to finish writing my sci-fi tv series and start making that too. I want to shoot my first feature film soon, which is already written.

If you were to come back to Duke & Durham for a one-day visit, what would your itinerary be?

My family is still there so I go home all the time. When I come back to Durham, I eat at Foster’s Market & Q shack, walk the Eno and enjoy the fresh air.

What was your go-to study spot at Duke?

The reading room in the arts library.

Follow Niu’s career on her website, or Instagram.