The Vice Provost for the Arts

The Vice Provost for the Arts is charged with implementing Duke University's current Strategic Plan, which calls for “transforming the arts at Duke.” The office works with academic, student, and community arts programs; oversees arts funding opportunities; coordinates the visiting artist in residence program with university presenters; cultivates interdisciplinary arts projects across campus; and advances arts investment in collaboration with the upper administration and the Office of University Development.

The Vice Provost for the Arts works closely with an advisory board, the Council for the Arts, that draws from a wide range of departments and offices with a stake in the arts. Among other things, the Council administers two major grant programs for faculty: Visiting Artist Grants and Collaboration Development Grants.

Contacting Us

The Vice Provost for the Arts is located in the Allen Building, room 117A. Our mailing address is

Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts
Box 90006
Duke University
Durham, NC  27708

Please contact Danette Clark (919-684-0540 / for appointments and general inquiries, Beverly Meek (919-684-4687 / for information relating to publicity and events.


Vice Provost for the Arts, Professor of Music


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Arts Outreach and Communications • 919-684-4687

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