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Duke Symphony Orchestra

Apr 2, 2012

The Duke Symphony Orchestra in Beaufort, SC.


Duke Symphony Orchestra, Beaufort, SC, March 31, 2012
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The Duke Symphony Orchestra had one of its finest performances this weekend (March 31, 2012) during their annual benefit concert for the Duke-affiliated Keyserling Cancer Center in Beaufort, SC.  Professor Harry Davison, director of the Orchestra thanked the students for making it a successful performance:

Dear DSO,

My sincere congratulations on an excellent trip and concert in Beaufort this past weekend. It was truly one of our most successful, well played, and well received performances in the nine years we have been doing this rewarding activity.  Thank you all for your part in making it so. The community so appreciates our efforts and their comments were particularly effusive this year. Bravi tutti!!!

Warmest regards to you all,

Professor Davidson

Learn more about the Duke Symphony Orchestra (DSO) on their website. 

Mar 8, 2012

Sophomore to Play with Duke Symphony Orchestra

Sophomore music major Jameson Kuang has won this year's Student Concerto Competition and will play during the Duke Symphony Orchestra's next performance, Wednesday, March 14.

Kuang will perform Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor.

Kuang has played piano since he was seven years old. In this video, he talks about his music experience at Duke.


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