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An Iranian Cultural Icon Comes to Durham

Apr 23, 2012

An Iranian Cultural Icon Comes to Durham

On Saturday, April 28, the celebrated Iranian singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian will perform in Durham, one of just seven stops on his current tour of the United States. His appearance at the Durham Performing Arts Center is sponsored by Duke Performances. He will perform with the Shahnaz Ensemble, a 17-member group playing traditional Persian instruments.

A two-time Grammy Award nominee, Shajarian has received two UNESCO awards and was featured as one of NPR's "50 Great Voices." In a telephone interview published in The Thread, Duke Professor of Psychiatry Amir H. Rezvani asked Shajarian about the honor, and about what inspires him to be an artist who gives voice to "the sufferings, hopes, and aspirations of [his] people."

Art, fundamentally, is the language of resistance. It's not just a matter of joy and description. In any part of the world where there is inequality, injustice, suffering, and oppression, art grows. That's because people come to express their resistance through art whether it is painting or cinema or music and singing. So I have used music as an art for the betterment of humanity, not as a matter of passing time.

My art has been an art for resistance and the people understood that my voice is their voice. I came to remove silence from their hearts, and give voice to them. One has to come to resist oppression and tyranny anywhere in the world.

Read more on DukeToday. Go to Duke Performances for tickets and concert information.



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