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Encounters with the music of our time presents Wet Ink Ensemble

Dec 8, 2011

Encounters with the music of our time presents Wet Ink Ensemble


Wet Ink Ensemble
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Encounters: with the music of our time will present the New York-based Wet Ink Ensemble on December 9 and 10 at Duke University. These performances are the first in a series of events that are part of a two-year residency to establish Wet Ink Ensemble at Duke and in the wider Durham arts community. 

Founded in 1998, Wet Ink Ensemble has presented over 80 concerts featuring a wide range of established and emerging artists. Repertoire ranges from scores of rigorous notational complexity to indeterminate and improvisational music, from the American experimental tradition to the contemporary European avant-garde, and from acoustic to amplified to electronic works and works for homemade instruments. Learn more about Wet Ink Ensemble here.

On December 9 and 10, Wet Ink will perform two programs:  the first will feature works by ensemble members Rick Burkhardt, Alex Mincek, Kate Soper, Eric Wubbels and Sam Pluta; the second program will feature works by Duke Graduate Music students Jamie Keesecker, Kenneth David Stewart, Vladimir Smirnov and Youngmi Cho. (See program below.)

In the spring of 2012 the residency will continue with programming open to both Duke students and the wider arts community.  (See residency schedule below.)  During the 2012-13 academic year Wet Ink will return to work with graduate students in the Music Department and in the new Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts (MFAEDA) program.  Students from each department will work together to develop interdisciplinary works for the Ensemble to perform.  These works will premier first for the Duke and Durham communities and later for New York audiences providing a unique professional opportunity for graduate students in both programs.

This is a free event. No ticket is required.

For more information contact Elizabeth Thompson in the Music Department.


December 9, 8pm, Nelson Music Room

Alban by Rick Burkhardt

katachi by Eric Wubbels

Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say by Kate Soper

Nucleus by Alex Mincek

ATD V by Sam Pluta


December 10, 4pm, The Ark

One-Minute Recipes by Jamie Keesecker

Images of Solitude: by Kenneth David Stewart

Quartet by Vladimir Smirnov

Evolutionary Sketches by Youngmi Cho


Wet Ink Residency Spring 2012

Friday, February 24

8 pm, Sheafer Lab Theater

Wet Ink Ensemble performs repertoire from their current season plus works by Duke graduate composers.


Saturday, February 25

8 pm, Nelson Music Room, East Duke Building

Wet Ink Ensemble performs new works by Duke graduate student composers D. Edward Davis, David Kirkland Garner, Tim Hambourger, Jamie Keesecker and Dan Ruccia.


Thursday, April 5

12 pm, Bryan Center Plaza

Wet Ink Ensemble: Open-air concert


Friday, April 6

9 pm, Duke Coffeehouse

DANCE MIX!: Wet Ink and guests perform new music by Janet Chen, Bryan Christian, D. Edward Davis and Kenneth David Stewart; Alex Kotch presents a set of dance music and a new work for live instrumental ensemble and electronic beats, with Hip Hop, Dubstep, and Techno influences. Followed by sets from local DJs.

The residency by WET INK ENSEMBLE is sponsored by the Department of Music, and is one of four to receive a Visiting Artists grant in 2011-12 from the Council for the Arts and the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts.



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